For Powers of Attorney

We understand the profound responsibility that comes with being a power of attorney.

You are not just a legal representative; you’re a trusted advocate, a voice for someone you care deeply about during their most vulnerable moments. Our mission is to work alongside you with the utmost respect and sensitivity, ensuring that the decisions you make are carried out with compassion and precision. We’re here to support you with expert medical guidance, clear communication, and a heartfelt commitment to honor the well-being and wishes of your loved ones. Together, we’ll navigate the complexities of healthcare decisions with grace and dedication, making certain that dignity and quality of life remain at the forefront of their care.

Dedicated Care for Powers of Attorney

At Metro Geriatrics, we recognize the unique responsibility you hold. Our approach is tailored to support you in making the best healthcare decisions for those in your charge.

We understand the critical importance of having a trusted healthcare partner who can deliver consistent, high-quality care tailored to the unique requirements of each community we serve.

Focused Support for Your Role

We are committed to providing the immediate, comprehensive care your appointees need, facilitating their health and well-being with a personal touch that reflects our family values.

Customized Senior Care Solutions

Understanding the distinct needs of each individual, our services are specifically designed to aid Powers of Attorney in upholding the health and dignity of their seniors.

A Reliable Professional Team

Our team’s expertise is matched by their empathy, ensuring you can trust us to provide not just healthcare, but also comfort and understanding to those under your guardianship.

Collaborative Healthcare Management

We keep Powers of Attorney in the loop, ensuring you're a key part of the care strategy and that your loved ones receive the best possible support.

Accessible and Adaptable Services

Our care options are as flexible as your needs, offering both in-home and on-site services to ensure consistent, high-quality care.

Ongoing Partnership in Health

We’re committed to a long-term care journey, offering persistent support and adapting our services to meet the evolving needs of your seniors.

Metro Geriatrics: Your Partner in Compassionate Care

As a Power of Attorney, you’re not alone. Join us at Metro Geriatrics, where care is a partnership, and those you advocate for are treated like family.


Empowering Powers of Attorney with Dedicated Support

Seamless Communication

At Metro Geriatrics, we prioritize clear and consistent communication, ensuring that Powers of Attorney are kept in the loop at every stage. We provide updates and information smoothly and efficiently, setting us apart from providers who may struggle with effective communication.

Around-the-Clock Availability

Recognizing the critical nature of timely support, Metro Geriatrics offers 24/7 availability to Powers of Attorney. Our patient staff support services are available anytime, a level of dedication not always matched in the industry.

Prompt Response Commitment

We respect the urgency of your role, promising same-day responses to your inquiries. Our commitment means you're never left waiting for the crucial information you need to make informed decisions.

Compassionate, Local Expertise

Our team, known for their loving and caring approach, consists of local, seasoned geriatric care providers. Each member is thoroughly vetted, with rich experience in medical geriatric facilities, ensuring that our Powers of Attorney partner with professionals who truly understand your loved ones as if they were their own family.

Midwest Roots, Midwest Care

Metro Geriatrics is proudly rooted in the Midwest, offering a homegrown understanding and approach to care that resonates with our community, distinguishing us from providers based elsewhere.

Comprehensive In-House Services

We boast a broad spectrum of in-house services, reducing the need to seek external providers and ensuring cohesive care. For those at a distance, our minimal telehealth options extend our caring reach without compromising the personal touch.